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Simple Steps to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

Mrs. Rasika Shahane
Assistant Professor

Mark Twain has rightly said ““Comparison is the death of joy.”

One of the most common and destructive daily habit we all have is to constantly compare our life and our self to other people and their lives.

We compare our jobs, financial status, relationships status, and social presence and so on.

And at the end of it we let our self-esteem down and start feeling negative about everything around.

We start getting disappointed with ourselves and our life because of other’s success or achievements. And it starts because we feel we are less than others.  Be aware guys… this is the beginning of the getting habitual of comparison between ourselves and others.

We only see other’s success and our hardships. Why can’t we see vice a versa?

So what can we do? How can we handle this situation at a right time?

Well, today I’d like to share some steps that are helping me to move away from this.  It does take some time though, so be patient with yourself and push yourself hard towards a healthier outlook and view of yourself and life.


Just tell yourself again and again that there is always someone better than you…so comparison will never let you win!

No matter what you do in your life, you will find someone better than you all the time. No matter how skilled you are, someone else is better skilled than you. But think…. Does that make you less? Do you become non achiever because of that?

Remember, you may feel good about your situation or achievements or a success for a while for but the minute you find someone in a better situation than you, the whole happiness goes down the drain.

Is it worth ruining your own happiness?

Compare yourself to yourself…….

Instead of comparing yourself to other people get in to the habit of comparing yourself to yourself.

See your journey so far. Appreciate your hard work, the struggle you have gone through. Live the achievements that have made you feel proud about yourself.

This will help you realize your growth. You will start appreciating yourself and it will also give you sense of satisfaction about the live you have made for yourself.

You will automatically develop a positive attitude towards yourself and people around you.

And Last but not the least …..Be kind towards other people.

I think, the way you behave and think towards others creates big effect on how you behave towards yourself and think about yourself.

Judging others and criticizing others becomes that habit and we don’t even realize that we start judging and criticizing ourselves by assuming we are better than others which is not the fact always.

Be kind to other people and help them. The more you care for others, you start caring for yourself. And others reciprocate to your kindness too.

Focus on only the positives in you and others.

This way you become more OK with yourself and others rather that comparing and being dissatisfied.

If You are OK with yourself then so are, they.