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Importance of Academic Research

Dr. Rasika Gumaste
HOD, Research cell

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought.” –Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Research is intrinsic to everything that we do and translates into insights that change the way we live. It has a scientific base and a definite formula that helps to resolve complex issues, reduces the possibility of false conclusions, and is based on data that can be more convincing.

Today the role of research in an academic institution is important for its growth and development, benefiting the students, the society, and the nation. Centers of Higher education are established to help in the economic, social, and cultural development of the nation. The key function of universities is to inspire students to do research in areas of interest, which would be beneficial for all. The role of the university is to facilitate the pursuit of knowledge leading to

Academic research can be defined as the basic research carried out to increase the understanding
of fundamental principles in areas of core interest. The main objective of academic research is
the creation of knowledge. It has the power to alter how a particular subject is viewed. It uses the
scientific method to maintain objectivity at all times. Research is crucial for everybody who enjoys learning, regardless of whether they are affiliated with a research organization. Academic research expands a person’s knowledge and competencies of the subject and career horizons. A research-based approach will definitely make a remarkable change in the teaching and learning process.

Indian universities help in producing and delivering knowledge by conducting research work.
The output of Ph.D. theses also forms an important source of information for the research community. High-caliber research programs should be sponsored by the universities to produce
quality research and development of various disciplines, leading to growth and economic gains for our country.