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Hotel Management As A Career in India

Dr. Sonali Jadhav – Principal – AISSMS CHMCT

In today’s times as India’s per capita income is gradually increasing people have more disposable income. No wonder the travel and tourism industry in India is in full bloom which in return opens the gates of opportunities for Hotel Management and Hospitality graduates.

We at AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology offer the students a platform wherein they can learn and sharpen their skills essential for this industry and make a promising and bright career in Hotel Management.

Being a gruelling industry with service to the guest at the heart of it, this industry requires a lot of passion, hard work and most importantly the right attitude from the individuals.

To help students get a glimpse of what the hotel management industry has to offer and at the same time what it demands from the students, the Principal of AISSMS CHMCT, Dr. Sonali Jadhav, shares her experience in the academics & the industry.

The Scope & Opportunities in Hotel Management

With globalization, a variety of both national and international brands are now investing heavily in the Hospitality Industry. This has led to a wide scope with tons of opportunities for the students to not only create avenues but also swiftly climb up the success ladder in the Hotel Management sector.

Entering the Corporate Culture

Corporates and banks today are also realising the importance of hotel management graduates for the positions of client servicing, catering, event management etc.

The boom in the travel and tourism industry offers variety of opportunity in cruise lines, Airlines and the logistics industry.

It is a noteworthy fact for all aspiring hotel management students that the promotions in this industry are faster than compared to any other industry. Individuals with the correct blend of skills and attitude can become General Managers as early as in their 30s.

Not only this, Hotel management graduates also have ample of opportunities in multimedia presentation platforms, Food exhibitions & shows, freelancing bloggers, food critiques and many more.

The Entrepreneurial Avenue

Hotel management students have the opportunity in the corporate world as also to create their own identity and brand in the entrepreneurial avenue. Students with a passion and zest to cater to the customers, work with people and to create something unique, can do wonders as hospitality entrepreneurs.

The Need & Demands of the Industry

The Hotel management is a complete service industry. It demands from the hotel management students’ certain skills and personality aspects that are important while working around different types of people. The most important personality traits are:

  • They are required to be enthusiastic and passionate towards working around people.
  • They must be intuitive in understanding the requirements of the guest and delight them with the services.
  • They are expected to pre-emptive in their responses while handling the customers.

Hotel management and hospitality being a glamourous industry often demands from the employees late working hours. But, nonetheless, both men and women working in this industry can be assured that their safety and security is taken care of responsibly by the strict and stringent norms devised by the industry for the hotels. It is safe to say that Hotel Management industry is equally safe for both men and women.

Keeping in mind the demands of the industry and adhering to the values and ideology of AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, the institute offers its students a practical, systematic and value-based learning environment which prepares them for the challenges Hospitality and Hotel Management Industry has to put forth.

A career in hotel management is one of the best choices for the youth today who are more inclined towards following their passion, doing what they love and most importantly working for satisfaction rather than just monetary benefits.

We at AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, imbibe the students with all the right skills and the personality traits that make them a best fit for this industry.