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A magical ancient place

So happy on the road. Watching sunrises and sunsets in new places. Experiencing new towns. Meeting kind strangers. Exploring with wide-eyed kindred spirits full of wonder. This is magnificent earth & we should do our best to take in her beauty, bit by bit, while we’re here


Hampi:- A magical ancient place of ruins I fell in love with.
On a Thursday morning we paced our bags with all our essentials and we were ready to leave the city and go to another state. At 7 our car was waiting for us in the parking and we hoped in ready for this memorably adventure.
We were planning about this trip ever since the summer began and we were so excited to see what this place has for us. We all had a fare share of Wikipedia searches to find out which place we had to visit as we didn’t want to miss a thing.

After quite some hours of travelling we stopped at hubli for the night as hampi was quite some hours away. We stayed at the hotel for the night. The next day we checked out and it was ‘ENROUTE HAMPI’ I was never this exited ever. We reached hampi at about 1 p.m. We checked into the hotel and rested for a while as we couldn’t wait to explore the magical city.

At first we visited the VIJAYA VITHHALA TEMPLE. We had to walk to reach to the temple as we weren’t allowed to take vehicles down there, other tourists out there used the buggy buy we chose to walk. It was quite a good decision as we also got to visit an ancient ruin in the middle of the way to the temple. The sun was shining, it was as if our legs were giving out but we continued walking. At last we reached the temple. Trust me it was the most beautiful temple I had ever seen. From dorms to rest rooms, kitchen to halls. EVERY thing was built here. As we entered we also saw the stone chariot that is also inscribed on the new 50 Rs note. I clicked a lot of photographs and took back thousands of memories. The way the temple was built still goes around my mind. IT WAS MAGNIFICENT. On our further days we visited the lotus temple; apparently the queens rested there. On our second last day we climbed 575 stairs at the hanuman temple to see the most beautiful sunrise but missed it by a few minutes. But we didn’t miss the sunrise on the last day we visited the sunrise point at the vitthala temple and waited at the top of the mountain for the beautiful sunrise. It was the most beautiful sunrise I had ever seen. From the carvings of the temples to the monkeys that climbed on our heads at the hanuman temple to the stories we learned from the people out there VIJAYANAGARA is the most beautiful place I’ve been to. It was as though I was living in the ruins of a palace within my dreams.