NAAC Accredited Grade 'A' NBA Accreditation for BHMCT course from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 < Atithya 2019 starts from 06th to 8th February 2019

Amber Rode

AISSMS is one of the best colleges in this country for any hospitality professionals, as I have recruited many hospitality individuals and found out that other college students lack discipline, grooming and the right attitude towards work. I am very great full to be an alumni of this college. I have honed my skills during my BHMCT course. As AISSMS college offers best infrastructure, training restaurant, kitchens and extensive library that help students to gather theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

College also hosts hospitality competitions, theme dinners and many more extra curriculum activities that helped me in my career. The faculty is very keen to share their knowledge to each individual.

Amber Rode – 2008 – 2012
Le Petit Amour

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