Research Policy

The research policy of the college aims to create and support a research culture among its teachers, staff, and students and leverage it for enriching and enhancing the professional competence of the faculty members. It also aims at ensuring that the research activities of the college conform to all applicable rules and regulations as well as to the established standards and norms relating to safe and ethical conduct of research.


  • The policy shall apply to all the researchers.
  • Research activities include basic, strategic and applied research undertaken for fulfilling
    the requirements of academic degrees.
  • Research projects of students undertaken as part of the curriculum.
  • Publication and presentation of the research outcomes and related activities.
  • PhD incubation cell for the hospitality educators.
  • Activities to promote research amongst hospitality faculty for Tourism and Hotel

Objectives of Research Cell

  • To create awareness and opportunities in Research and Development among the students
    & faculties.
  • To create interest and environment among the staff members to take up Research Projects and improve their knowledge, skills and qualifications by registering for PhD.
  • To encourage staff members and students to publish research papers in reputed National, International and UGC recognized journals.
  • To create and administer a research fund for supporting and facilitating research initiatives and projects of faculty members and students
  • To guide faculty members in the effective integration of research projects with the regular curriculum implementation and curriculum enrichment activities.
  • To identify and inform researchers about the appropriate research opportunities announced by different academic, research, industry or government organizations.
  • To compile data on all the research work/projects undertaken by the teachers and students in to a database for easy monitoring and analysis of the progress being made by them from year to year.
  • To provide a mechanism to ensure that academic staff attain the desired mix of teaching, research and consultancy outputs.
  • To draw up and adopt a research code, which informs all researchers about the ethical and legal norms and principles to be followed in the conduct of research.

Research Policy Implementation Mechanism

The Research Cell of the college shall be responsible for implementing this research policy of the college as follows

  • Facilitate the faculty in undertaking research and recommend internal faculty for providing seed money.
  • Provide research facilities in terms of laboratory equipment, research journals and research incentives etc. required by the faculty.
  • Encourage and promote a research culture (eg. teaching work load remission, opportunities for attending conferences etc.).
  • Encourage the faculty to undertake research by collaborating with other research organizations/ industry.
  • To recognize and reward faculty for excelling in research in each academic year.
  • The faculty is expected to publish research paper in in-house publication (Atithya- a journal of Hospitality) once in 2 years.
  • The faculty is expected to publish research paper in UGC care list/Scopus/Web of Science once in 2 years.
  • The college provides incentives for faculty members for publishing of Research Paper in reputed national and international journals.
  • The college also provides incentives for faculty members for publishing/presenting of Research Paper in national and international conference proceedings.