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Sitting in the car with moving wallpapers and excited heart;

I was like a five-year-old kid who was getting her bicycle of dreams….

Reached the airport and passed through security check, my eye balls were moving here and there, looking at the strange surroundings;

Waiting for an hour seemed, waiting for a year at that uncomfortable seat; Gazing through the glass window; I saw my dream….. ;

Excited, anxious, impatient…getting all sort of mixed feelings; …

Stood there for a while. And then finally;Now it was my turn…

Climbing the stairs of the plane with heavy steps and greeted like a VIP …

I entered;

Got a little bit trouble in finding the seat. but that did not stand for long against my feet; I fastened my belt .and the plane accelerated;

Suddenly thrown back by the fast and unexpected speed; I was stunned; and saw the wheels disappearing and the clouds appearing……………. ;

I was flying…my dream was flying …

Little bit scared by the sight…

But that adventurous episode was my first flight.