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Dr. Anuradha Karmarkar
Assistant Professor
AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Technology


Pune has always been considered as a pensioner’s city. People are relaxed and cool but at the same time pretty alert and progressive when it comes to the reforms and change.

The administration of the city is planning big to make Pune a SMART CITY. Numerous plans have been chalked out by the administration to enhance and improve the infrastructure. Some of the key projects include Solid waste management programs, ensuring sufficient water availability in the city and reduction in water wastage, making energy available and reduction of outages in the city and of course improving the transportation condition in the city by introducing metro and smart e buses to name a few.

Wow it all sound so perfect but while doing all this and taking a step to make the city “Future Proof” Is the administration ignoring the “Present” status of the city??

Recent rains in the city has put a big question mark on the infrastructure and the planning.  Never ever have we faced water logging to this extend in the city and driving through knee height water is another challenge.  Citizens are facing high risk each day and god forbid if it becomes fatal, then who is responsible-Nature or the administration??

Dream big-Plan big for future but make your present safer and more livable.