NAAC Accredited Grade 'A' NBA Accreditation for BHMCT course from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 < Atithya 2019 starts from 06th to 8th February 2019



1 LMC 9th June 2017 Mr.Dangat
2 Parents orientation FY Bsc HS I,II 15th June  2017 Ms. Aarti /Ms.Sarika Joshi
3 IQAC Faculty Jun-17 Mr. Sunder
4 Industrial Updation Training Faculty Jun-17 Academics
5 Faculty Development Program Faculty Jun-17 Academics
6 Parent’s Orientation Final Year CT & BSc Jul-17 Placement
7 Communication Development Classes evaluation FY BSc HS Jul-17 Training
8 Parents’ Orientation and agent presentation SY BSc Jul-17 Training
9 Career opportunities in Bakery & Confectionery Omkar Aaglave, Prop, Cracks & Bruns Second Year (BHMCT) July 2017 (2nd Week) Arun / Preeti
10 Visit to Industrial Canteen Second Year (BSc HS) July 2017 (2nd Week) Gauri
11 Introduction to Facilities Management Ms. Neha Salvi Final Yr CT,TY Bsc  July- 4th week 2017 Rasika G
12 Parents Orientation FY BHMCT  August 2017 Ms.Aarti /Ms. Sarika Joshi
13 Communication Development Classes FY BSc HS July 2017/ Aug 2017 Training
14 Welcome Party Entire College Aug-17 (First Week) Sasha, Mohini,Gauri
15 Students Council Election Aug- 17 (First Week) SWO
16 Restaurant planning & Designing TY. BScHS, Final yr CT August (4thWeek) 2017 Ms Prachi Wani & Mr Suraj
17 Demo on Cold Cuts Chef Mark Third Year (BSc HS), Final Year (BHMCT) Aug 2017 (3rd Week) Milind / Hemraj / Shailendra
18 Food and beverage department control – Beverages. SYCT & SYBScHS August  (1st Week) 2017 Ms Mohini
19 Unit Test BSc HS 21st – 25th August 2017 (To be conducted by the subject teachers)
20  Flower Arrangement / Horticulture Visit Ms. Saroj Joshi SYCT & SYBScHS August (4thWeek) 2017  Ms.Meyola
21 Brewery Visit (TJ’s Brewery ,Amonora) SYCT & SYBScHS August (4 th Week) Ms Mohini
22 IQAC Meeting Faculty Sep-17 Mr.Sunder
23 Professional Attributes in Food Prod Dept. Chef Sachin Joshi First Year (BHMCT & Bsc. HS) Sept 2017 (1st Week) Sunder / Rina
24 Visit to Food Markets (Veg / Meats) In House First Year (BHMCT & Bsc. HS) Sept 2017 (2nd Week) Sunder / Rina
25 Attributes & Attitudes of F&B personnel FYCT , FY BScHS Sep – 2nd Week 2017 Ms Rajeshree Pol,  Mrs Shweta Chandra
26 Career prospects for RDM students First Year CT,Bsc September-3rd week 2017 Ms. Honey,Rasika J
27 Theme Dinner In House Third Year (BSc HS), Final Year (BHMCT) Sept 2017 (4 th Week) Ms Rasika G, Ms.Prachi & Mr. Suraj, Milind P., Ms. Anuradha K, Hemraj,Shailendra, Mr.Manoj
28 Yugandhara All girls in College September-17 (4th Week) Ms. Gauri Shah
29 Unit Test BHMCT 25th Sept- 4th Oct 2017 Ms.Meyola, Ms.Rasika J
30 Campus interviews Final Year CT & BSc Sept- Oct -2017 Placement
31 Parents feedback July to  September 2017 Academics
32 Alumni feedback July – September 2017 Mr. Shailendra
33 Internal ATKT BHMCT, BSc HS (SY, TY) 9th – 12th Oct 2017 Exam Cell
34 Laundry Visit (Novotel) SYCT,SYBsc Oct-1st week 2017 Ms. Pooja
35 Batch Photograph All Final Years,Teaching & Non Teaching Oct-17 Placement
36 Terminal Exam BSc HS (Applicable only for FY BSc Hs) 24th -27th Oct 2017 Exam Cell
37 Preliminary Practical BHMCT, BSc HS (SY, TY) To be conducted by 31st Oct 2017 (To be conducted by the subject teachers)
38 Retest BHMCT 6th -10th Nov 2017 (To be conducted by the subject teachers)
40 Teaching & Non-teaching Faculty Engagement Nov-17 Academics
41 Final SPPU Practicals BHMCT, BSc HS (SY,TY) As per SPPU guidelines (To be conducted by the subject teachers)
42 Employers’ Feedback Dec-17 Placement
43 IQAC Meeting Faculty Dec-17 Mr.Sunder
44 ISO Internal Training Session Faculty Dec-17 Mr.Sunder
45 ISO Internal Audit -1 Faculty Dec-17 Mr.Sunder
46 College Development Committee (LMC) Nov – Dec 17 Mr. Ajay Dangat
Date of Display: 15th June 2017 Date of Removal: 30th December 2017
Dr.Sonali Jadhav


1 Parents’ Orientation and agent presentation SY CT Jan-18 Training
2 Campus Interviews Final Year CT & BSc Jan – February 2018 Placement
3 Coffee bar visit (CCD/Star Bucks) FYCT , FY BScHS Jan  (4 th Week) 2018 Ms Rajeshree Pol,Mrs Shweta Chandra
4 Atithya  2018 Entire College  February 2018 – 1st  Week Milind
5 Formal Banquet Lunch TYCT Feb -March  2018 – 3rd Week Respective Faculty, Arun
6 Essentials of Continental cuisine Chef Ambar Rode First Year (BHMCT & Bsc. HS) Feb 2018 (3 rd Week)  Sunder / Rina
7 Bartending Workshop (FMBA -Mr.Pankaj K.) Interested Students Feb  (3 rd Week) Ms Mohini
8 Hotel Property Orientation FYCT , FY BScHS Feb-18 Ms.Rasika & Mr.Honey
9 Interviews with hotels for training SY CT Feb-18 Training
10 Sports Week Entire College 12th – 22nd Feb 18 Mr. Manoj Suryawanshi
11 Sports Day Entire College 23rd Feb 18 Mr. Manoj Suryawanshi
12 Revenue Management/Planning budgets for Accommodation dept Final Yr CT,TY Bsc March 2018(1st week) Ms. Anuradha Karmarkar
13 Visit to  Industrial Catering Magarpatta Second Year (BHMCT ) March 2018 (1st Week) Kiran
14 Night Audit SYCT,SYBSc March 2018(1st week) Ms Rasika J
15 Unit Test BHMCT, BSc HS 5th  to 12th March 2018 (Applicable only for TY BSc HS) ( To be conducted by In charge faculty during lectures)
16 Demo on Chocolate Work Third Year (BSc HS), Final Year (BHMCT) March 2018 (2nd Week) Milind / Hemraj / Shailendra
17 Internal ATKT BHMCT 21st  to 23rd March 2018
18 Internal ATKT BSc HS (Applicable only for SY & TY BSc. HS) Instead of Internal ATKT, FYBSc will appear for Prelim Theory Exam
22nd  to 24th Jan 2018  & Internal ATKT- TY.BSc. HS will have exams from 21st to 23rd March 2018
Exam Cell
19 Farewell Party First – Third year March 2018 –  4th week Ms. Rasika J. Mrs.Shweta,Ms.Gauri
20 IQAC Meeting Faculty Mar-18 Mr.Sunder
21 Prelim Practical BHMCT To be completed before 28th March 2018 To be condcuted by Faculty incharge
22 Prelim Practical BSc. HS To be completed before 28th March 2018 (Except FY -to be conducted during practical sessions)
23 Winery visit (Four Seasons/ Fratelli) SYCT , FYBScHS Feb – April   2018  (As per winery confirmation) Ms Mohini &  Ms Rajeshree
24 Retest BHMCT 4th to 6th April 2018 To be condcuted by Faculty incharge
25 Final SPPU Practicals BHMCT 9th to 20th April 2018
26 Final SPPU Practicals BSc. HS 26th February to 2nd March 2018 for FY.BSc.HS (9th to 20th April 2018 for TY.BSc.HS) To be condcuted by Faculty incharge
27 ISO Internal Audit – 2 Faculty 18-Jun Mr.Sunder
28 College Development Committee (LMC) June -July 2018 Mr. Dangat
29 Basic Bakery Short Course  —  May -2018 Mr. Milind
30 Short Course on Advance Bakery & Confectionary  —  May -2018 Mr. Milind
31 Short Course on  Food Production (International Cuisine )  —  May -2018 Mr. Milind
Date of Display: 15th June 2017 Date of Removal: 30th May 2018
Dr.Sonali Jadhav