NAAC Accredited Grade 'A' NBA Accreditation for BHMCT course from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022 < Atithya 2019 starts from 06th to 8th February 2019

Rules & Regulations

01. Students should abide by the rules and regulations framed by the College from time to time.

02. Attendance from the first day of every semester and on every national / college function is compulsory, failing which, the student is liable to be punishment.

03. No student would be eligible to appear for the University Examination, unless he / she has paid all his / her dues, completed his / her term work and must have registered minimum 75% attendance as per the University norms.

04. Students should be punctual in attending all theory & practical classes. Break timings should be strictly adhered to.

05. In case of leave on medical grounds, the student must inform the College immediately and submit the Medical Certificate later for office record.

06. Internal marks will be granted to the student on the basis of his / her attendance, assignments, continual evaluation and performance during the tutorials/ internal examination.

07. The Principal is liable to punish any student on the basis of his/her continued absence, misconduct/ misbehavior or unsatisfactory performance.

08. A student may be refused admission to practical and/or lectures, and may be marked absent if he/she has failed to bring the required journals, uniforms and equipment etc.

09. Failed students will be permitted to appear for the examination as per the rules laid down by University of Pune.

10. Students are expected to be well groomed and well behaved within the College premises.

11. Students are required to carry the College Identity Card on person within the College premises.

12. All students should be in prescribed uniform as per the Dress Code.

13. Vehicles should be parked only in the demarcated parking lot, under lock & key. College will not be responsible for any losses or damage caused to their vehicles.

14. Students must inculcate the habit of regularly reading the notices put up on the notice board.

15. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, use of drugs and ragging in any form is strictly prohibited in the College Campus.

16. Students should hand over their lockers, return all library books and clear all other dues at the end of each academic year.

17. Students shall not go to the press or any publicity media without prior permission of the Principal.

18. Any changes in the residential address and phone numbers of the student must be intimated to the College Office immediately.

19. Each student is supposed to follow the restaurant and dining hall rota duties, as put up on the notice board from time to time.

20. Vacation Training, Industrial Training and Out Door Catering (ODC) in hotels is compulsory and every student must complete the training satisfactorily, followed by the submission of Training Report.

21. Students will not attend private Out Door Catering (ODC) during their tenure in the College, without prior permission of the Principal, failing which strict action would be taken. Students are expected to take part in indoor / outdoor catering arranged by the College only.

22. Parents/Guardians should to keep in touch with the College regularly with regard to the progress of their ward.

23. No student is allowed to use Mobile phones during lecturers and other academic activities in the College premises. Offenders will be punished & the mobile phone may be confiscated.



As per the directives from University of Pune, to prevent ragging activities in colleges, our institute has in place an anti-ragging committee. This committee includes member representatives from teaching faculty, non-teaching faculty, parent, students, media, and member of a social organization (NGO).

Uniforms for the Students

All the students must wear the College uniform & be well groomed at all times.