NAAC Accredited Grade 'A' NBA Accreditation for BHMCT course from 2017-2018 to 2021-2022


The Office of Alumni Affairs develops relationships and establishes lifelong connections between AISSMS College of HMCT and its alumni, leading to increased support for the institution’s mission and goals. Successful relations are the result of the strategic and deliberate cultivation of alumni as leaders, volunteers, advocates and donors for AISSMS College of HMCT, Pune.


Establish and cultivate relations with alumni and AISSMS College of HMCT, through communications, programs, and services.

Serve as the primary alumni resource for AISSMS College of HMCT in alumni services and programs, working with colleges and schools to promote alumni involvement and cultivation.
Encourage the involvement of young alumni to achieve Mission & Goal of Alumni.

Promote membership in the AISSMS College of HMCT’s Alumni Association as an intermediate step toward becoming fully invested in alumni events.

Guiding Values

Connect alumni strategically back to the AISSMS College of HMCT linking their interests to college’s needs.
Support students through scholarships, and programs that foster a life-long commitment to the college.

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